Kathryn Fraizer –Owner, Biz3 (Biz3 artists include: Action Bronson, Black Lips, Bauuer, Run the Jewels, Skrillex, ASAP MOB, J. Cole, A-Track, Daft Punk)

“Sheryl Zelikson has vision in late night TV booking that is refreshing and the results are often 

stunning. She has always had radar for discovering artists long before the rest of the world knew of their greatness and helped give them a platform to spread their magic.  In 20 years of booking with her we have pulled off some incredible moments that made news and indelible impressions on viewers...”

“I seriously cannot thank you enough… . You have booked so many truly fabulous moments on television. Performances I will never forget. You've spring boarded so many careers. You had such a distinct perspective….”

Meghan Helsel- Grandstand PR ( Alice Cooper, Broken Social Scene, Courtney Barnett, Japandroids, The Killers, Fleet Foxes, The National, Phoenix, Robyn, Seligh Bells, Stephen Malkmus, Tame Impala, Thurston Moore, Weezer…)

inMedia books engaging talent for broadcast, digital platforms and new technology. From assisting the discovery of new talent and booking A-List celebs, to introducing innovative show ideas for various platforms, we can work independently or collaborate with your company’s team to provide the best talent specific to your media needs.


inMedia has the skills, long-standing relationships, and drive that garner results.

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